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Manisha Menon, parent of a national champion

What more does a parent need if the child is self-motivated and driven to learn about the world around him?

Karan had an interest in Geography from an early age. We initially supported his curiosity by providing him with resources like the globe, maps and books. In his 6th grade, as we were contemplating helping Karan seriously to compete in the National Geographic Bee,  we had a chance encounter with Coach Kumar Nandur at one of the regional gatherings.  What we realized then was that Karan’s interest and unstructured learning could only take him so far in the competitions. Coach Kumar was the missing link to guide him on all the parts he was missing to be prepared for a competition as big and important as the National Geographic Bee.  Coach Kumar provided Karan the motivation, the structure and the discipline required to succeed at the highest level.

Coach Kumar is meticulous and well experienced in identifying the student’s strengths and weaknesses from the very first interaction. He then guides them on how to study, keeping them on their toes not only by suggesting material that each student has to research and learn, but also from his vast bank of resources gathered through decades of teaching, involvement and experience. The GeoBee retreats that he organizes annually are one of a kind, unparalleled by any geography preparation events or workshops. He prepares students to not just be at the top of their game in terms of subject knowledge but also to be extremely sharp mentally in high pressured, competitive situations.

Finally, Coach Kumar uses geography as a medium to teach critical life skills like the desire to excel, sticking to goals and most importantly, the importance of hard work. He always expects his students to be humble in victory and graceful in defeat. He wants his students to be geographically literate, well rounded, curious, passionate, help others and take care of planet Earth!

What more does a parent need if the child wants to be the best not only in GeoBee but also in life?


Atreya Mallanna, 2019 National Runner-up

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