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Current Volunteers

Vaishali Dihenia - Assitant Secretary

Uday Yallapragada - Blog Manager

Gayathri Gatamaneni - Web Manager

Coaches in Training

Mohanram Ramalingam

Vrushali Gosavi

Will McQueen

Babu Medi

Lakshmi Melam

Rakesh Murthy

Vasanthi Murugan

Parents of GeoEd students and other interested persons are encouraged to volunteer for the foundation by contributing in a variety of ways, in accordance with their knowledge, skills and abilities.  This tends to foster a spirit of giving back among children, an important facet of character development.  Parents acquire GeoBee knowledge, which in turn helps them in being more constructively engaged with their children. It is a 3-Win situation in the sense that parents get the satisfaction of being more involved with GeoBee as a family project, children see their parents as role models in giving back to the community and finally, the students of the foundation benefit from the contributions.


Volunteer activities include but not limited to are: being trained as Geobee coaches, helping out with administrative tasks, database organization and management, creating learning exercises and templates, maintaining the website and the blogs, organizing local workshops, designing marketing material for outreach activities, compiling and creating videos and providing help with arrangements at the annual retreats. 


As this list is not a complete list, efforts will be made to tailor the contributions per individual preferences and the needs of the foundation.


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