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​We provide Group coaching for Geography Bee competitions (Nat Geo, NSF, Geography Olympiad, I-Geo)


  • Access to multiple blogs, home to about half a million facts

  • Initial phone evaluation of new students to determine baseline knowledge

  • List of materials to be purchased by the families

  • Syllabus - Juniors (up to 3rd grade) - Basic facts 

  • Syllabus - Seniors (4th to 8th grades) - Advanced facts

  • Strategies for mastering information (comprehension, expression, internalization, inferencing, drawing conclusions, connecting the dots, efficient recall)         

  • Suggested daily regimen

  • Access to a Google Classroom for doing assignments and projects

  • Linkage to GeoEd portal for doing homework

  • List of online resources for information gathering and fact collection

  • Online classes 

  • Weekly Learning Exercises on Geography Bee topics and current events

  • Techniques and strategies to develop and refine critical thinking skills

  • Mind management strategies for optimal performance

  • Tips for Artifact collection (Objects Of Reference (OORs))

  • Opportunities for peer learning (Buddy system)

  • Individual and group mentoring by past champions and coaches

  • Template for students to maintain a personalized Geography Bee Diary

  • Annual Retreats to prepare for the state and the national competitions

  • Workshops/additional mentoring for state champions to prepare for the national competitions

  • Lectures and presentations by coaches, mentors and volunteers.

  • Consultation and training for parents to facilitate the development of maximum potential


  • Ongoing program for parents to be trained as Geography Bee coaches

  • Establishing Geography literacy activities in economically disadvantaged schools and regions

  • Conducting Geography Bee workshops in cities and towns that have stakeholder support

  • Providing guidance and material to organizations for conducting Geography competitions

  • Awarding scholarships for economically disadvantaged and challenged families

  • Sponsoring/supporting Geography Bee competitions

  • Participating in Geography Bee related outreach activities

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