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Is your Child wired for Geography Bee?

Many children who are wired for Geography Bee demonstrate one or many of the following traits before the age of 6. Parents are encouraged to keep an eye on the child's interests/preferences to consider initiating early interventions for maximizing their full potential. Those who start early and keep at it incrementally have a tendency to reach the highest levels at a very young age!

Early Signs

Interest in Geography Bee (even before the age of 6)

  • Fascination with globes, maps, street signs

  • Attraction to outdoor locations (park, beach, zoo, spectator sports, etc)

  • Being aware of directionality (right/left orientation, giving directions to destinations)

  • Naming and reading about capitals, countries, states, cultures

  • Doing map puzzles

  • Watching geography related videos

  • Taking pleasure in answering fun trivia questions

  • Having advanced reading and arithmetic skills

  • Inclination towards music and visual arts

  • Interest in Board games

This, of course, does not apply to late bloomers who develop interest in Geography Bee much later!  There are plenty of instances of children getting into Geography Bee as late as in 7th grade, who found varying levels of success in competitions.  A majority of them have finished as school champions, a few as state champions and a handful as national champions.  


In summary, a child can demonstrate interest in Geography Bee at a young age or later but the eventual success in competitions at the highest levels depends upon a deep interest in the subject matter, a total commitment to master information and a strong,  innate desire to excel. When these are backed up hours of focused study, a template for success will be in place!

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