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The GeoEd Foundation is dedicated to initiating, maintaining and improving geographic literacy among children in the United States, India and other countries through geography bee coaching and a variety of related programs and services.

The services are provided to children whose parents pay a non-refundable annual fee. Financial assistance in terms of partial or full fee waivers and scholarships will be considered for economically disadvantaged families (children receiving free or reduced rate lunch in schools or those families with a justified or recognized economic hardship). The schedule of coaching and the delivery of services will be consistent with the usual school calendar in an academic year.  Parental involvement in terms of monitoring, support, facilitation and practice is expected at every stage of preparation for eventual success in the competitions. The foundation encourages geographic, racial, religious, cultural, economic and physical diversity among its students.  

Since 2008, children who received coaching from me and our foundation have excelled in Nat Geo competitions - 5 national champions, 5 national runner-ups, 17 top 10 national finishers, 45+ state champions and hundreds of school champions.  We provide exceptional Geography Bee group coaching with individual attention on a year-round basis, which is backed up by lengthy experience and proven expertise. 


The GeoEd Foundation is a non-profit organization and all the officers, coaches and mentors are volunteers who receive no remuneration. Funds generated are exclusively used for promoting geographic education here in the United States and abroad.


I welcome you to get to know more about us and what we do by going through this site. Please feel free to get in touch with us for additional information by accessing the contact section at the top.




Coach Kumar Nandur

Founder & Executive Director

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